Empowering the Responders to Learn From Real Incidents: A Swedish Research Initiative


Johan Jenvald,Bo Johansson,Anders Nygren,Sören Palmgren


Emergency incidents are by nature complex and demanding. Responders often have to work under time pressure and sometimes even under life-threatening conditions. The quality of the activities that the responders carry out during the incident often has a decisive effect for the total outcome of the operation. To be able to learn and improve from past experience it is necessary to be able to reflect on the rescue performance in relation to the specific incident. However, it is difficult for the responders to recapitulate the course of events and to be fully impartial about their own performance during the operation.
Based on the successful results from the training domain we are now ready to start investigating what methods and tools used in computer-supported full-scale emergency training are applicable for monitoring real emergency incidents. Our approach is to form a team of decision makers, scientists and responders capable of addressing these issues. In this paper we describe the first steps in a research initiative that will provide the responders with means of detailed registration of rescue activities. Together with flexible visualisation tools we strive for improved feedback and evaluation after each rescue mission.