Instrumented Force-on-Force Battle Training in Sweden: Lessons Learned during the First Five Years


Magnus Morin,Johan Jenvald,Arne Worm,Mirko Thorstensson


In this paper, we present an overview of the activities related to instrumented force-on-force battle training in the Swedish Army today and share some of the lessons learned on the way. In particular, we describe the different phases of a typical battle training exercise, including the preparation performed by the training unit and the training centre staff before the exercise, the arrangements made on the training site before the exercise, the execution of the exercise, the training command and supervision during the exercise, the compilation and examination of data collected during the exercise, and the after-action review. We also show how the information collected during a single exercise, or a series of exercises, can be used in technical or tactical analyses to identify potential problems with a particular piece of equipment or a specific operating procedure. In addition to evaluating each battle training exercise by means of an after-action review, it is equally important to systematically evaluate the techniques and methods used to support training. To this end we have devised a number of methods and tools which we report on in the paper.