Towards Integrated NBC Decision Support in a Crisis Management Network


Lars Rejnus,Johan Jenvald,Magnus Morin


In this paper, we describe steps towards integrated NBC decision support in crisis management. The central tenet of our approach is that agile management of NBC events requires effective and efficient information sharing between actors belonging to different organizations. The development of information technology enables this transformation, but technology alone is not sufficient. Civilian and military agencies must adapt their organization structures, command principles, support systems, and training methods in a process of coevolution. Simulations, experiments, and exercises are important means of developing enhanced capabilities for managing NBC threats. This transformation represents a paradigm shift in the way NBC events are managed across organizations. Our contribution to this process is a test bed that supports experiments with information-enabled network services for acquiring and combining information from multiple sources to provide timely NBC decision support. We present the principal components of the test bed and describe how we used it in a demonstration. Finally, we discuss the benefits of test beds and experiments in the development of integrated NBC decision support for future crisis management.