Utvecklingsmetoder för samhällsförsvaret


Magnus Morin,Johan Jenvald,Mirko Thorstensson


The world is changing. To sustain and develop our society's ability to handle a wide spectrum of new threats, all defense organizations must continuously and relentlessly strive to attain higher levels of proficiency and readiness. Research can support this effort by providing methods and tools needed in the transformation of our forces.

This book has two parts. The first part describes a set of methods and tools, based on modeling, simulation, and visualization, for documenting and analyzing field trials. Using this toolbox, it is possible to capture live exercises, validation experiments, and field studies and represent them in a computer model. Experts, developers, and researchers can then use the models to evaluate and assess, for example, the readiness of a task force, the feasibility of a novel technical solution, or the pros and cons of a proposed layout of a command center.

The second part comprises a collection of eleven research papers that report on the development and use of the methods and tools described in the first part.