CITE® Communicator

VSL has developed CITE® Communicator, which is a new communication solution for wired and wireless telephony in exercises. It takes advantage of the flexibility of IP–telephony and combines it with extensive monitoring and analysis capabilities. This combination is particularly well suited to support voice communication in team training.

CITE® Communicator uses an IP-network in three alternative configurations: (1) standalone local area network, (2) proprietary intranet, (3) Internet. IP-telephones are connected to a server running Asterisk using the protocols IAX2 or SIP. The server manages calls, routing, and connections. It also conducts logging of telephone conversations, which is very useful for feedback and analysis.

An add-on service makes it possible to use standard mobile phones in the exercises. People can participate in the exercise from their ordinary locations using their ordinary cell phones. Exercise calls are separeted from ordinary communications. Only calls made within the exercise appear in logs.

CITE® Communicator monitors all calls in the exercise and presents them as communication links. It shows both ongoing calls and previous calls. The graphical link view makes it easy to see when calls are active and detect communication patterns. The list view supports sorting on time, senders, and receivers. Click on a link to listen to the conversation. Add classification of calls and short summaries of the contents to take the analysis one step further.

The Asterisk server software is open source. It runs on standard PC hardware under the Linux operating system. Asterisk is a trademark of Digium Inc.