CITE – tools for training

CITE is our suite of tools for planning, managing, documenting, and evaluating exercises. CITE adds structure and supports evaluation and feedback based on facts. Every participant's contribution becomes clear, which creates involvement and commitment.

CITE® Planner

CITE Planner gives the exercise contents and structure. It facilitates planning and scenario development by managing injects and maintaining a timeline of planned and anticipated events.


CITE® Manager

CITE Manager keeps the exercise running according to plan. It schedules injects, assigns tasks, and monitors the progress to let the exercise manager stay in control.

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CITE® Observer

CITE Observer simplifies observation and documentation. It collects and organizes observation reports for feedback and evaluation.


CITE® Communicator

CITE Communicator shows how information flows. It tracks and visualizes communication patterns for analysis of coordination and synchronization.


CITE® Explorer

CITE Explorer supports advanced analysis. It integrates and presents exercises documentation for analysis, evaluation, and learning.


CITE®is a registered trademark, which is the property of VSL Systems AB.