VSL Systems AB

Our people get the job done

VSL has a mix of people from various backgrounds. But looking closer, you find that they have something in common: They are smart and they get the job done.

Academic merit, years of experience, and a strong drive to find solutions distinguish our people. Leadership and excellence at your service.

Johan Jenvald

Founder, CEO and consultant

Johan Jenvald is a consultant and CEO of the company. Johan has many years experience from systematic safety and security management for companies and authorities. He specializes in organizing, managing, and evaluating crisis exercises. Johan holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has a background as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Swedish Armed Forces. Johan is also a fellow of The Royal Society of Naval Sciences.

Magnus Morin

Founder and consultant

Magnus Morin is a consultant with extensive experience from systematic safety and security management for various organizations. He specializes in contingency planning and has led several investigations of incidents and accidents. Magnus holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science on the use of multimedia and visualization in computer-based exercise planning and feedback.

Markus Axelsson


Markus Axelsson is a consultant working on information management and technical infrastructure. Markus is responsible for systems development at VSL and has more than 15 years experience from computer-based systems for planning and evaluation of training exercises. Markus holds an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering with specialization on information systems.

Joakim Dahlman


Joakim Dahlman is an associate expert with extensive experience from safety and security fieldwork. Joakim is a psychologist and holds an M.D. in rehabilitation medicine. He specializes in human interaction and performance in critical incidents and crises. Johan is also a fellow of The Royal Society of Naval Sciences. Joakim has been commissioned as an expert by the Swedish Accident Investigation Board.

Carl Magnusson


Linda Magnusson


Linda Magnusson is an associate media training and crisis communication expert. Linda has years of experience as a journalist, mainly as a reporter and news anchor for Swedish news channels SVT and TV4. With thousands of interviews under her belt, she now helps organizations and businesses to become better at handling journalists and the mass media.

Lars Edqvist


Lars Edqvist has extensive experience in journalism and crisis communication. He has worked as a reporter, news manager and editorial in daily press, both locally in Sweden and internationally.

Annika Morin

Documentation and translations

Annika Morin works with documentation and translations.

Malin Jenvald

Administrative support

Malin Jenvald provides administrative support.