Research & Development

VSL is very active in research and development. We work hard on behalf of our customers to develop solutions that meet their needs.


VSL Research Labs is the part of VSL Systems AB that conducts applied research. We build expertise and harness new knowledge by participating in research projects together with universities, research institutes, and companies. In this way, we both contribute to the growth of knowledge and sustain our position as a knowledge-based company.


VSL supports all phases of organizational and technical development. We help our customers start projects, identify needs, and specify requirements.

We finish the projects on time and make it possible to evaluate the results. We explore concepts and solutions using modeling, simulation, and prototypes.

We design and implement systems that fulfill your requirements and exceed your expectations.


We have more than 14 years' of documented experience from analyzing and developing complex systems. Together with our customers, we work systematically on challenging projects. Our roles may vary: system developer, project manager, expert, or teacher. Your needs decide.