Crisis exercise

VSL helps planning, running, and evaluating crisis exercises. We have an excellent track record from organizing exercises both for public authorities and for private companies. A systematic method, goal orientation, and documented results characterize our approach.

Table-top exercises

Table-top exercises are structured, scenario-based discussions focused on identifying and solving problems. The participants analyze roles and responsibilities in crisis management and clarify interfaces and needs for collaboration.

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Simulation exercises

Simulation exercises develop the participants' ability to carry out critical tasks in management teams, crisis response teams, and control rooms. On the basis of a customized scenario, the exercise staff uses simulated actions and responses to create a challenging environment, where the participants must assess situations, make decisions, and handle the consequences.

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Full-scale exercises

Full-scale exercises increase the organization's combined capability for crisis management. Management teams and operative units exercise together. Evaluating the response makes it possible to assess capabilities and identify areas of improvement.

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Crisis exercises for your needs

VSL helps organizing crisis exercises for different purposes – for example, management exercises, staff exercises, control room exercises, and alert drills.

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