Business continuity planning

VSL helps identify business-critical processes, formulate objectives and develop strategies and solutions for continuity. Our consultants ensure that solutions can be implemented and maintained in a sytematic approach.

Resilient operations

Business continuity planning adopts a holistic view of the enterprise with focus on continuity of services, Knowledge about critical processes and resources guides the choice of strategies and solutions.

Risk analysis in continuity planning

Risk analysis can identify what potential events are likely to cause disruptions in critcal processes.

Read about risk managmement.

Continuity plan

The selected solutions are implemented and documented in a continuity plan. Examples include redundency, alternative methods of delivery and back-up procedures.

An ongoing process

The continuity plan must be kept up to date. Function tests and exercises are tools to this end. Potential improvments are identified and carried out.

Good examples

VSL has conducted several assigments concerning business continuity planning – for example:

  • Planning for continuity of operations in a hydropower dispatch centre.
  • Safe operations dams and power plants under disturbed conditions.
  • Planning for pandemics in the energy production business.