Private-public partnership

On November 26, 2008, VSL organized a table top exercise with the Linköping Crisis Management Council. The exercise focused on private public partnership in crisis management. The crisis management council in Linköping consists of representatives for the municipality, government agencies, health authorities, private companies and organizations that are involved in critical services and infrastructure in society.

Mr. Paul Lindvall, the chairman of the Crisis Management Council, opened the exercise with a key note address. He then handed over to Mr. Kenneth Andersson, Head of Security in Linköping City, who introduced the seminar program. The purpose of the seminar was to present basic concepts in private public partnership in crisis management and to make an inventory of the requirements for increased cooperation in crisis preparedness in Linköping City.

The lectures were combined with group work and seminar discussions. The lessons learned from the seminar were documented and presented in an exercise report.

Dr. Magnus Morin presented an overview of private public partnership in crisis management and gave examples from two cases and the lessons learned from these. Dr. Elin Wihlborg presented an overview of the research in the area of private public partnership and introduced different models for describing this type of cooperation.