Pandemic preparedness exercise

On May 29, 2008, VSL organized a table-top exercise for personnel from corporate management and business units in Saab AB. The topic of the exercise was pandemic influenza and pandemic preparedness. The exercise included a mix of lectures, group exercises, and discussions. Insights and lessons learned were documented in an exercise report.

In his introduction, Jan-Erik Törnqvist, security director at Saab, described the relation between pandemic preparedness and crisis management in the Saab group.

Dr. Magnus Morin gave a presentation on pandemic influenza and pandemic preparedness planning based on the pandemic phases defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). In his lecture, Dr. Johan Jenvald gave an overview of crises and crisis management.

Dr. Joakim Dahlman gave a talk on psychological crisis reactions and the psychology of crises. Lars Rejnus introduced a structured planning material supporting the business units in their pandemic planning.